Bottoms Up Marine Services Inc. - 360-301-5921
 ~ RATES ~
$68.50 per hour
All labor is billed on an hourly basis excluding bottom jobs under 50 feet.
Bottom Job Rates:
Vessels 40 feet and under billed at $35 -$45 per foot
Vessels 40 feet and over billed at above $68.50 hourly rate.
length measured at waterline.
 ~ Products ~
We offer a large selection of marine repair and maintenance products at discounted rates.  We sell everything from brushes to bottom paint and much,much more.  Feel free to contact us for a free product guide!
Topside Paints Carried
- AwlGrip - Sterling - Petit - Interlux - Ameron -
Bottom Paints Carried
- Seahawk - Petit - Interlux - Ameron - Devoe - Woolsey -
Full Array of products from
- Fiberlay - 3M - Evercoat -
* Remember we do special orders on any and all marine repair and mainteneance products.  Can't find what you're looking for?  We can get it!
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